How Brain Stroke Changed My Life

October 11, 2013 at Pagsanjan, Laguna.

It is probably true that life begins at forty.  But the life that begins there for me is NOT what I desired to be.

Why?   While I was on my provincial assignment in  the previous Company dangerous stroke struck me in  January at age forty-eight, where rendered half of my body paralyzed and robbed me of the ability to speak coherently.

I am one of those whom most of us would never expect to have a stroke.  Because I was feeling healthy and not complaining any health problem at all.  But being employed as a manager for the fast growing company in the food industry in Manila, a hectic and stressful working life led me to a sedentary lifestyle.    I became overweight.

What Happen During The Incident

When I experienced numbness and weaknesses on the left side of my body, I was rushed to Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital, Pangasinan, where I was confined in an ICU for 4 days and diagnosed with “Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease”, better known as Brain Stroke. From my scan report, it was found that I had “acute intraparenchymal hemorrage ganglia” in my right side of my brain. I could not speak properly and was paralyzed on the left side of my body.

A week after my confinement, I was discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair. At that time, I could not even move and lift my arm and leg. I was in tremendous pain. I had to use my energy and right hand just to move my left arm and leg.

After few months of treatment, I was not able to return to work yet, and lost my job because of my condition. I was depressed when the doctor told me that there’s no assurance that I could recover immediately. I thought my life was over that I would be a burden to my family. But my wife and her family are very supportive, they told me not to give up.

Living on SSS benefits, support from my family, friends and relatives, I realized I needed to help myself so that I could get back because I was not alone. It helped to know that there were others who are in the same condition or even worse but they not letting their disability hold them back.

I became more diligent in my rehabilitation and even continued the exercises at home. Through determination, continues physical therapy, taking the right food supplements, I was recovered and able to walk (without crane), albeit slowly. I believe I can heal and get better one step at a time.

Health Is A Gift Of Life-Our Greatest Asset

I know it’s not too late to realize that our greatest asset is health.  The greatest gift that any one can, but instead of treasuring this gift, I often take it for granted.

So I made a decision to accept that “ignorance” is no excuse for the transgression of the laws which govern health.  I am bound by the most sacred obligations, to do everything I can, to regain and preserve a healthy body and sound mind.

Found New Mission

Life is too short and I want to experience more and touch many people’s lives.  This is my newfound mission Im willing to pursue starting  today.